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CT - 1B

19" Interactive ADS Screen

HD 19" Interactive Screen to play Images and videos 

Quick Charge Technology  ( 9V 2A )

Our devices support Quick Charge Technology by a use of 9V 2A , which is the most fast and safest way. 

 Digital Lockers 

6 Digital Lockers provided with 3 charging cables (Lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C) in each of the 6 steel lockers.

Users Reports

Daily or Monthly Usage Reports That Can Give You More Information on your Clients Behavior . When they charge ? how long ?

Perfect for 

  • Shopping Mall

  • University 

  • Hospital 

  • Clinic 

  • Gym

  • Conference  
  • Hotels

  • Corporate Customer office


Protect your guests’ valuable devices with secure charging lockers that lock with a PIN keypad.

With this sophisticated Charging solution  you will  Provide your Clients an Excellent Experience 

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